Act and contribute to protect rivers and their rights!


Take a minute to sign on the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Rivers here

Read the Declaration and choose an article. Take your cellphone and find a river near you or the river you love or the one you feel close to. Go there, feel the river sound, take a picture that you think relates to the article of the Declaration you have chosen, and share it on Instagram by tagging #voicesofriversbos  #voicesofrivers

Alternatively you can take a short video of yourself or a friend or relative reading the article and share on Instagram by tagging  #voicesofriversbos #voicesofrivers


About the Declaration:
The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Rivers is a civil society-led initiative to describe the basic rights to which all rivers and watersheds are entitled. It serves as a legislative starting point for governments to create ‘rights of rivers’ laws and policies that can restore ecosystems to health. Governments can adapt the Declaration based on their unique legal and cultural systems. The Declaration also serves to build awareness amongst civil society organizations, governments, and others.

Currently, national and international laws pertaining to waterways are insufficient. This declaration would serve to restore ecosystems back to health. We want to create a healthy world that has clean water and sustainable aquifers. Water is the life force that aids all life. Without this essential life force, a harmonious world between Nature and humans would not be possible.

Convenors and Supporters:
Earth Law Center and International Rivers are the convening organizations of the Declaration and received input from dozens of experts worldwide. Now, over 200 organizations endorse the Declaration.